Oh Babushka
a design studio with bright ideas


a design studio with bright ideas


Hello. My name is Lila. It's nice to meet you.


I am the Owner + Designer of Oh Babushka and I will be working with you.

What I do

I am a designer with a passion for branding. I create beautiful design with purpose. I build stories, I come up with bright ideas and I elevate brands. I make brands that resonate, inspire, motivate and connect.

Who I work with

I collaborate with motivated doers, inspiring industry leaders and creative spirits to create, cultivate and elevate their brands.

We’ll make a great team

You know your business, your product, your service, your audience. I know how to tell a visual story, come up with bright ideas and make great design. So let’s work together to build your idea and make it happen.

I am your cheer squad, your ideas generator, your biggest supporter.

Let’s get to work. Let’s transform your idea into beautiful design with purpose. Make contact, say hello and let's start :)


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