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What's an Idea?


What's an Idea

This is how I work.

When developing a brand, it is important to cultivate and grow a single idea. This gives the idea strength, commitment and purpose. If we throw a multitude of half formed ideas into the branding process, the overall result will only be diluted and directionless. So for this reason, when developing your brand, I come up with one, strong, focused Idea. It can exist in many different creative applications (e.g. logo options, colour palettes, creative visuals etc), but it will always be formed from the strong foundation of the Idea. The Idea covers who you are, what you are and how you are and why you are. It forms the basis for how we communicate and develop your brand's tone and visuals.

So what is our idea?


This is what I do.

Brand development / Stationery / Packaging / Signage / Websites / Enewsletters / Brochures / Publications / Advertising / Invitations / Event Collateral / eBooks / Marketing+Promotional material

/ and anything else we can think of!