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The Small Garden

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The Idea

The Small Garden was rebranded as a sophisticated and architecturally discerning landscape design leader – we are an ideas generator, an industry leader, an early adopter. The Small Garden is expert at creating amazing natural spaces for city living. We re-purpose larger ideas found in nature for small living. We have a wealth of inspired ideas from all over the world and we act as discerning curator in selecting the components of this larger inspiration. So, The Small Garden is a finder, a curator, an exhibition/space/landscape designer celebrating nature and adapting its enormity and beauty to smaller gardens for city living. 


The Logo

The logo explores the role of The Small Garden as selective curator and planner of natural spaces. The font chosen for this logo is a mono spaced typeface that was developed to create perfect visual balance, with same width letters and equal spacing. The logo has been designed to a strict grid, reflecting the precise, purposeful and professional planning process of landscape design. The rectangle contains the logo/Idea while also remaining open and free. It acts as a frame/curated space where The Small Garden creates unique natural experiences.


The Creative

The Small Garden is inspired by nature, works with nature and creates beautiful natural spaces for city living.

Inspiration is found all around us, be that the Australian rainforest, a Balinese landscape, an American desert – all contain ideas that can be developed to create unique garden spaces for city living. This inspiration allows The Small Garden's client to be surrounded by a unique natural space and through sensory experience, transported anywhere in the world – all while enjoying their small garden.

In exploring and further developing The Small Garden’s brand story, creative visuals have been chosen and formed to represent the wealth of inspired ideas collected from all over the world. Through discerning curation, The Small Garden builds a collection of truly inspiring and industry leading landscape design ideas.

Just as The Small Garden is a finder, a curator, an exhibition/space/landscape designer, the creatives are representative of this specially and professionally developed knowledge bank.

We celebrate nature and adapt its enormity and beauty to smaller gardens for city living. 

‘Nature as art’ 

Our creative plays with the concept of made natural beauty. As landscape designers we select, we plan, we make. Using elements from nature we can develop unique beauty – and this idea is explored through the creation of custom patterns.