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The mindful wealth movement

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Financial/Life balance

The mindful wealth movement

branding / print / digital


The Idea

There is a change coming.
A movement. 
This movement will change the way we experience and attain wealth. It will give us the confidence to seek what is rightfully ours – abundance. The mindful wealth movement provides financial literacy in a way that is distinctly feminine, creative and fun. It empowers women with the life and technical skills needed to manage wealth for their future financial wellbeing.
This movement is about fundamentally changing who we are and how we see and experience our world. It is about harnessing the confidence and power we have access to as women. So let’s make a brand that is unique, that connects with our female audience, has strength and credibility and is uniquely and powerfully feminine.
I have created a brand idea that combines a beautiful femininity with a powerful and confident design style. We are soft, caring, nurturing, but we are also strong, empowered and fierce. The logo and visual creatives work together seamlessly to create a strong and feminine brand that allows The mindful wealth movement to visually connect with a wide, diverse and creative audience.
The mindful wealth movement is change, power, gratitude, passion, confidence, creativity and love.

The Logo

The idea behind The mindful wealth movement logo was founded on creating a confident brand that embraces the powerful feminine qualities that are available to all of us. It is soft, yet strong, it is open, yet direct. It builds the amazing juxtaposed qualities of The mindful wealth movement brand. The font is a geometric sans serif (Futura Medium) and the letter spacing has been increased to create a more open feel. The creative addition of the circles on either side of the logo are representations of the moon – full and new – and the feminine power that it holds.
With this idea we are creating a powerful and accessible brand that empowers women to join a movement and make real change in their lives.


The Creative

The creative was inspired by sacred geometry, the moon, order, chaos, power, beauty, support. All things in balance.