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Bring something to the table


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Brand statement

Potluck is a collective – a gathering – of experienced professionals at the top of their field coming together to share knowledge, strengthen their industry and connect. We are creative, innovative, confident, industry leaders who will connect to grow and strengthen our events industry.


The logo

This wordmark/logo was created to visually represent the bold confidence of the Potluck brand. We are creative visionaries who lead our industry. The font used – Campton Semi-Bold – is strong and confident, and because of the beautiful rounded geometric features, it is also soft and nurturing – providing a balanced logo that can appeal to our wide audience. The underline is used to reinforce our brand themes of confidence and energy whilst also being a subtle nod to the potluck ‘table’ where we place the items we have ‘brought to the table’ to share with one another.


The creative

‘Potluck’ – what are you bringing to the table?

Using isolated, digitally-manipulated, object photography, we not only explore the range of areas that form the events industry, but also grow the ‘Potluck’ concept of bringing a truly varied collection of components to the table.



Passion statement

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your ‘picture’ sets you apart. It grabs the attention of your audience. It cements you as an industry leader. It tells your story. It instantly resonates, inspires, motivates, and connects. I make beautiful, creative and honest design. I build stories, I come up with bright ideas and I elevate brands. I love what I do.

The colour palette

The black and white colour palette is complimented by the addition of the peach and navy. With this addtion the brand is extended beyond the original and simple palette and allowed to bring a more confident and playful vibe to my creatives.