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Paperless Events

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The Idea

Paperless Events was rebranded to create visual cohesion with their core values and unique services.

Paperless Events is a digital company changing the way we experience events. Their services and capabilities allow them to go beyond the old, paper-based communication limitations. They provides clients with limitless digital communication possibilities, creating and facilitating event experiences that go beyond the traditional confines of paper and print.

Paperless Events go beyond paper.

The rebrand reflects the limitless possibilities of digital communication and also goes beyond the traditional confines of print communication – Paperless Events is dynamic, energised, engaging, and champions of our natural environment. 


The Logo

The wordmark has been created using Din (bold) and has been styled in uppercase. The strength of the characters is softened by the generous letter spacing, creating a balanced brand feel – we are confident, efficient, professional but we are also open, helpful, trustworthy etc.

The icon has been developed to compliment and add value to the Paperless Events wordmark. Is has been created by combining the universally identifiable digital technology “power” symbol with a tree, the definable symbol for the environment and one of the core motivations of Paperless Events – providing innovative digital solutions to aid in the protection of our environmental resources. The addition of this icon also acknowledges the old logo and it’s inclusion of a tree. The new icon design builds on this old idea and has created a more digital and abstract representation. With it we acknowledge where we were but also look forward at what’s to come.


The Creative

To compliment the logo and extend the brand, we need an element – or theme – that enables us to grow the visual story of Paperless Events. The logo/wordmark is a representation of the professional brand qualities – e.g. confident, leader, professional etc – and now we want to add a visual element that can balance this and highlight our personal brand qualities – e.g. nature, young, inventive etc. What follows are concepts developed to bring our professional and personal qualities into harmony – creating a balanced visual creative brand. And, as with the colour palette, we draw on our environment for inspiration and develop a creative visual that highlights the qualities of nature but also solidifies our presence as an industry leading digital event experience company. Again, it is important to make this definition – we don’t want to be visually mistaken for a beauty/food/health company. 

So, in a nutshell ...

Our creative branding is a balance of themes including digital, efficiency, confidence, organised, inventive, proficient, professional ...


the exciting vibrant, electrified, pulsing, animated, energy of nature.

‘Nature created’

This creative visual was made by manipulating real nature photography into a more ‘digital’ style using a halftone effect and playing with the original colours of the plant life, incorporating our colour palette. We also play on the power of digital, by creating a specific pattern from these natural items. We go beyond the need to use the actual environment for our communication purposes.