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On Lambert Series


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On Lambert Series

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La Maison and Lumira are a thoughtfully designed collection of apartments that offer beautiful, boutique finishes, a relaxed, spacious living style, in an experience rich location.


On Lambert Series

To visually establish Lumira and La Maison as part of the same development – sharing the same professional team, design aesthetics and brand position – we create a ‘parent’ brand. The “On Lambert series” is the collective that houses our two buildings. By using this defining entity, we create strength, confidence and community. The ‘parent’ brand is used sparingly as a complimentary device to assist discussion and promotion of the collective project.

Lumira and La Maison
on Lambert

developing the brand ...

Australia is wonderful. Indooroopilly is wonderful. We have perfect weather, beautiful, natural surrounds, great coffee, quality dining and high end fashion shopping experiences. We call a beautifully designed, spacious apartment with boutique finishes, home (on lambert).

Life is wonderful.

When developing our brand we embrace and expand on this energy – we are happy, vibrant, positive, creative – we see the beauty, sophistication and quality in simplicity. Our brand embraces La Joie De Vivre – that wonderful French quality of seeing the joy in life and of celebrating it. We see the joy in life’s experiences e.g. the smell of that perfect cup of coffee, the delight of entertaining friends in your new home, the happiness found in a peaceful walk around your neighbourhood.

We have not only built two thoughtfully designed apartment buildings – we have made beautiful, boutique homes in an experience rich location, where you can relax, enjoy life and be happy.