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more work

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Natural Heart Health 

branding / print / digital

An inspiring project – a motivated practitioner working tirelessly to make real change in the heart health of women ... see some more soon

Sprout Artisan Bakery

branding / print / digital

A passionate team behind this bakery meant a big Idea and lots of taste testing! ... more


Light Ayurveda

... see some more soon

Wonderful people getting married

... see some more


Botanica Real Food

branding / print / packaging

Developing the branding for Botanica was one of my most proud creative moments. Working closely with the client, the identity was created to reflect the simple, authentic and real food take away experience of Botanica ... see some more


Sajana Designs

... see some more

Life at Studio B.

... see some more


Save the Date

print / invitation

Designed for two amazing people in love, getting married in Mumbai, India.