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Life at Studio B.

branding / print

Life at Studio B. is multi-disciplinary design/make studio based in Hong Kong, specialising in built environments and the handmade. The current drive of the company is modern calligraphy, event stationery design, and creative installations for private, commercial, and NGO/NPO clients.

The brand for Life at Studio B. was developed to serve as a clean framework, allowing more personal and creative interactions to take place within it – be that the client's beautiful calligraphy work or the complimentary ink creative. It projects Life at Studio B. as a progressive, modern and creative studio where beautiful and innovative things are made. By creating a simple, modern look and feel through a sans serif wordmark and geometric icon, the “made” products and services are able to exist without visual interference.

Complimentary creative

Working collaboratively with the client, I created a beautiful suite of visuals featuring ink flowing, dancing, diving, moving, floating. The ink is not only a nod to the company's current drive of modern calligraphy, but also to their creative aesthetic, sense of play and desire to feel in not only their work but in life too. This complimentary feature was designed to be used as stickers that the client can apply to the strong black and white printed material, creating a sense of handmade individuality.



The shape of the icon was developed to represent various elements of the business and its services. The geometric lines of the icon create abstract objects such as a calligraphy pen/nib, plans for a design space/house/doorway, a book of personal memories, or an abstract fox representing play and creativity.


The font used is Futura Book – a classically modern typeface that is strong and confident while also being free and open due to the applied spacing.

Complimentary font

Bulmer BT Italic Bulmer BT Roman