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Go! Go! Dynamo! Squad


I love what I do. 
There, I said it.

I know that as a designer I am supposed to be cool as a cucumber, wear black all the time and be generally cynical about the state of things, but I just can’t do it! I was raised playing the Glad Game, and being a designer pretending to be unimpressed with most things is exhausting. 

So, here ... I am creating a space where I can fully embrace my general excitement about life, celebrate the inspiring people all around me, and put good vibes out there into this big ‘ol beauty of a universe.

So – sign ups are officially on for the …

Go! Go! Dynamo! Squad

Join the squad and become part of a positive and motivated community of go-getters, doers, champions, creative wizards, attuned goddesses, rainbow-infused space unicorns ... (sorry, I got carried away) ...

We are heralding in a new way to do business and allowing for excitement, positivity and joy! Let’s champion, not cut down, let’s share, not steal, let’s cheer, not sneer! Support your squad, cheer their creative genius and get fuelled to create your own.

The Go! Go! Dynamo! Squad is full of amazing people, doing amazing things. Your #SquadGoals are set. Your #gogodynamosquadgoals are your fellow creatives who are doing some super hot things!

Squad Swag

When you join the Go! Go! Dynamo! Squad, you are not only becoming an integral member of an elite group of positive cheer-er-on-er-rers ... you will also get a monthly dose of positivity and inspiration ... and maybe win some awesome stuff.

Roll Call!

Roll Call is the squad's newsletter and where I feature and celebrate amazing people doing super awesome things – interview, ideas, advice etc all included.

But my level of excitement doesn't stop there ... each month you also get a very useful "How to ..." tip that covers topics a wide range of topics – from creating blog worthy content to the ancient art of procrasti-baking.

AND ... to keep the celebration party going, the monthly Roll Call pack also includes a shareable (go go social media!) cheer-gram (see below), Pinterest-Porn, and some insty love.

Grab a pom pom, do a high kick and get ready for a huge dose of positivity coming your way!