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A collection of featured and favourite work

A collection of featured and favourite work

The work


Life goes on

Life goes on is a new lifestyle store located in Japan, stocking beautiful and unique homewares made by talented artisans from all over the world. Combining hand drawn abstract shapes and clean, sharp typography, the branding is a reflection of the vision behind the store ... see more


Potluck 2018

For the 2018 conference, the Potluck Hospitality brand is refreshed – we expand on the concept of our tagline “Bring something to the table” by creating ‘still life’ art visuals that explore what makes up an event – from food to decor to colour to texture to theme to skill to location etc. We bring a potentially eclectic mix of ‘items’ to the ‘table’ that Potluck 2018 explores this mix and celebrates the beauty that is collectively created ... see more


the new story

branding / print / digital

We are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and embrace motherhood in all its forms. We are the new consciousness and we have a new story. The New Story focuses on childhood, motherhood & celebrates womanhood in all its forms. We are focused on the essence of what it means to be a mother, a woman, a creator, a child. We celebrate a new consciousness, and establish a dialogue that engages meaningful conversation and begins a community. The 228pp magazine is produced quarterly ... see some more


Yes Joy

branding / print / digital

We are a passionate food blog/resource/party/club/caterer, that inspires, teaches and nourishes our audience. Food is fun, food is messy, food is art. Yes, Joy explores our love of food and is creative, entertaining, playful and a little bit cheeky. We make food with love, we over-excitedly write about food and we eat food with reckless abandon ... see some more

Potluck – a conference

branding / print / digital

a collective – a gathering – of experienced professionals at the top of their field coming together to share knowledge, strengthen their industry and connect ... see some more



branding / print / digital

Koto is a new 21 apartment development in Morningside built around a historic 100 year old home. This unique combination of old and new celebrates and encourages community, harmony and connection. Koto is inspired by the Japanese design aesthetic of Shibui – understated elegance, utility (each piece serves an important function), rare beauty, and unobtrusive sophistication. Koto celebrates form and function. Sophisticated design and quality finishes combine to create a felt experience. Koto is experience ... see some more


Sherwood Square

branding / print

Sherwood Square is a revitalised retail centre, bringing energy, creativity and vitality back to 600 Sherwood Road. We want to build and foster our community and offer a collective space for retailers and visitors alike ... see some more


On Lambert Series

branding / print / digital

La Maison and Lumira are a thoughtfully designed collection of apartments that offer beautiful, boutique finishes, a relaxed, spacious living style, in an experience rich location ... see some more

Botanica Real Food – evolution

branding / print / digital

I have had the amazing opportunity of working with Botanica Real Food since they opened their doors in 2013. Working closely with the inspiringly creative and ideas driven owners, we created a a beautiful brand that engaged and delighted ... see some more

Rebrand Yo'Self! 
Oh Babushka

branding / print / digital

I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else. 
—Pablo Picasso

 ... see some more


White Series

branding / print / digital

The White Series is a sophisticated collection of six statement, spacious designer homes in New Farm, offering luxurious architectural features and an exclusive inner-city lifestyle experience ... see some more

Sundays in Paris

travel guide / publication

Following the huge success of their blog and instagram feed, Sundays in Paris made a beautiful printed guide book. Combining a spacious and open design style with structured photo grids and handwritten notes, this 140 page printed guide book allows you the space to leisurely enjoy every featured cafe, bar, bakery, restaurant and really imagine your Sundays in Paris ... see some more


Café Grenadine

branding / print

Café Grenadine is many things – a cafe, a store, a shop. It is a place to relax, a place to enjoy nourishing and lovingly made real food, a place to feel welcome and at home. In creating this brand, I drew on the owner's life of adventure, travel and experience. Café Grenadine is inspired by North African hospitality, the European experience of food and the quality of seasonal Australian produce ... see some more


The mindful wealth movement

branding + print + digital

There is a change coming.

A movement. 

This movement will change the way we experience and attain wealth. 
It will give us the confidence to seek what is rightfully ours – abundance ... see some more


Brick Lane on Florence

branding + print + digital

The Brick Lane on Florence brand was designed to visually reference not only the historical architecture of Teneriffe, but also a uniquely European sensibility that spreads across the way we enjoy life ... see some more

Paperless Events

branding + print + digital

This rebrand project resulted in a beautiful collection of visual creative collages that not only look amazing but also successfully communicate the unique values and services of Paperless Events ... see some more


Stone And Metal

print + digital

This project was a dream collaboration. Working with an inspiring goldsmith – Stone And Metal – and a fashion forward PR collective – Al & Annabel Collective – I designed a lookbook that showcased beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery ... see some more

The Chai Stand

branding + print

When my client, Light Ayurveda, decided to start a chai stand at the local market, I was excited to design something that was creative, fun and also a little bit authentic. And a lifetime supply of free chai wasn't too bad either :) ... see some more


The Small Garden

branding / print + digital

When The Small Garden decided to let go of the retail arm of the business they knew a rebrand was necessary to reposition themselves as a sophisticated and architecturally discerning landscape design leader. So we sat down and discussed what was important to them and how they wanted to be seen in the market. And we came up with an Idea ... see some more


branding / print / photography

When Botanica Real Food decided to launch their Breakfast takeaway range, and I was asked to design the branding, it was like Christmas, my birthday and a surprise free coffee all rolled into one. Taste testing mandatory to ensure thorough research... see some more