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Brick Lane on Florence

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Brick Lane on Florence

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The Idea

The Brick Lane on Florence brand was designed to visually reference not only the historical architecture of Teneriffe, but also a uniquely European sensibility that spreads across the way we enjoy life.

Brick Lane on Florence is a beautifully crafted boutique building nestled in the woolstore precinct of the inner-city riverside suburb of Teneriffe. This thoughtfully design project required visual branding to position itself when going to market. The branding is simple but stylistically sharp. The targeted audience are creative and look for well designed, high quality and unique experiences. 

This project presented a unique branding opportunity. Not only was I building a brand for a beautifully designed apartment building, I had to create a brand where a personality, a location and a vision were defined. By approaching the Idea this way, I created a unique brands that reflected the project’s design intelligence, a local’s knowledge and love of Teneriffe and a personal reflection of the people who will make it their home. 

The Logo

The wordmark design was inspired by European visual communication styles ranging from posters to cafe signage to book covers. With it I aimes to create a sense of style that was not only classic but also fashion forward. The boldness of the lettering is balanced by a pushed out sense of space, creating a feeling of openness and clarity. 

The icon was developed in the form on an abstract representation of the mapped location of the development and the streets it runs off, e.g. Ethel Street, Vernon Terrace, Commercial Road etc. The icon also references a traditional brick pattern.