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How one small idea can lead to something BIG!

So, I'm researching ideas for an enewsletter ... pretty standard stuff for business development, and then, before my eyes, I watch this tiny, relatively plain idea, turn into something potentially HUGE!

The process starts out in a typical fashion – me on Pinterest – me on Instagram – me googling cheer squads – me on Urban Dictionary checking definition of Squad Goals – me creating a Facebook page – me downloading and dancing around the studio to this gem

So now, I am faced with the amazing opportunity to grow an idea into something that might potentially become a community.

It always amazes me that, when given space, a muse, a gift, an idea will suddenly surface. It might be a combination of mini ideas that have been floating around that have been without clear focus or use. And now, with time, space, clarity, openness, these ideas can merge into something that fills you with so much excitement that you want to jump straight in and make it happen!

Running my own studio quite often means getting bogged down in adminy biz stuff and, when mixed in with awesome creative projects, leaves little time to create the space needed to let that idea come.

Today that idea came because I shifted location for the day. I'm working out of my co-working space, I am walking distance from my favourite coffee shop and I may or may not have had three coffees.

Caffeine buzz aside, I changed my routine, I dedicated time to go down that rabbit hole of discovery that is internet research and I was gifted an idea that is, to be perfectly honest, giving me butterflies!

So, remember, whenever you may be stuck, wanting to make a change or discover that idea that seems to be sitting just out of reach on the edge of your imagination, make the space for it to flow, to manifest, to be heard clearly outside of the usual loud buzzing of a typical heavily schedule work day.

Go Go Dynamo!


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