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How to grow an Idea ...

An Idea can be a hard thing to find. It is an elusive, floaty cloud of amazingness covered in sparkly jewels and solid creative gold. When you finally find that piece of sneaky genius, the world is an amazing place. 

But the journey to this discovery can be harrowing and filled with self-doubt, deadline stress, and the ultimate terror … blank. Nothing. No ideas. No nothing.

So how do we get our creative brains flowing and keep the journey towards the Idea moving forward?

Make a playlist!

    This awesomeness found  here!


This awesomeness found here!

If you have a theme or starting direction or even just a word that you are working with, use it and come up with the ultimate playlist to help guide you towards that golden goal – the Idea.

I’m working on an amazingly exciting project at the moment and to get me going, dancing and focussed I made a playlist:

Click here to dance the day away ;)

It’s all about starting the day right and having a good morning.

Found yourself stuck? Go ahead and make that playlist. It’s not procrastinating, it’s creating the perfect mental environment to catch that floaty genius that could come by at any minute … until then … let’s dance!

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