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I get the chance to work with some truly inspiring creative people who are bursting with specialist knowledge and life/work experiences that blow me away. So, it always comes as a surprise when they tell me they have no idea what to share on social media or ask whether it’s even worthwhile?!?! 


After I fall to the ground in a light faint, recover my composure as quickly as possible and casually sit back in my chair, I tell them:


“Of course social sharing is worthwhile. It's an amazing channel to connect directly with your audience, create a strong network of like minded people, and grow your brand in a very honest and authentic way. You already have the content because you are the content*.”

* This is a bit deep hey? :)


Creating interesting content can seem like an overwhelmingly difficult task. Will it be cool enough? Will I get enough likes? Will it make people like what I do? Answer: It doesn't matter. Honest social sharing can be a hit and miss game, so just jump in, don't overthink it, be your wonderful self, and have fun with it! 

But ... to help make things clearer and to give you the confidence push you need to realise the amazing information you already have (think life experiences, knowledge of your industry, and all those pretty things you pinned last week alone!) that you can turn into content and share with people who are truly interested in what you have to say, here are some ideas on creating social sharing content ...

Let's be friends

Social media is like a friendship – you have to keep your conversations balanced and not just talk about yourself all the time otherwise no one will want to be your friend. Be a good listener, sharer, give good advice, make them smile, maybe buy them a coffee (or just share a pretty photo of one), and most of all show your friends you care. 

Plan it!

Planning your weekly, monthly, or even yearly content (depending on how crazy organised you are) ahead of time helps you create a clear communications strategy or ‘conversation’ with your audience/hereby known as ‘friends’. It also means you are being proactive and not just reactive (read: "Oh shit! It's been ages since I did a post! What should I share?? My coffee cup ... again?!?!? My shoes on the footpath???" ... I am very guilty of all of these reactive post ideas). Planning keeps you from being overwhelmed by having to come up with super amazing content last minute – a task that is very difficult to do. There is that saying that floats around the graphic design world ... you can have something fast but it won't be good, you can have something good but it won't be fast. Do yourself a favour and start planning, thinking, idea forming ...

To help you – and most definitely me – on the right track I’ve created a social sharing weekly planner that you can download for free right here: 

Old Skool Planner (download, print and write)
Fancy Digital Planner (download, save and type)


Conversation themes

As part of the planner I have included a checklist of conversation themes – when planning the content for the day, tick the most applicable theme to make sure that over the course of the week you have created a balanced selection of content that stretches across ALL themes.

Using this social sharing planner and theme checklist will make sure your content message is balanced and actually adds value to your friend’s social scrolling day. Don’t bombard them with drawn out and repetitive conversations about how amazing and wonderful you are. Offer them advice, share some wisdom, make them laugh. By planning this way you make sure you're having a kind and considerate conversation with your friends. They will appreciate it and be more than happy to listen to what you have to say, across all social media platforms.


Conversation theme checklist


Inspiration found on Pinterest

Have you seen a quote that really inspired you? Or an image you found (and credited correctly) on Pinterest that has made your day? Share it and inspire your friends.



This is a great example of an Inform share from the amazingly talented, inspiring and creative The Small Garden. They know good sharing!

Whatever your business is, you are the one who knows it best. You have industry secrets, you've gathered fascinating information at different workshops and you have compiled a personal journey’s worth of lessons learned, good or bad. Share these and educate.




The struggle is real ... this is me getting personal by sharing my morning, my bad hair day, my face, my coworking space and my coffee problem.

This is where we get personal. Because social sharing is like a building friendship, we have to learn to communicate on a more personal and honest level. Let your followers find out more about you. What makes you happy? What motivates you? What inspires you? What activity can’t you live without? Have you had an experience that you want to share? It could be the honest truth about building your business – the struggles and wins. Maybe you want to share the story about that time you were sipping coconuts with a bunch of Yogis in Ubud and realised that you wanted to quit your job and chase your dream (that's a sneak peak at one of my Shares).

HERE is also where we must insert a BIG NOTE. There is no room for BS in these posts. BS is transparent and unappreciated. Get personal because you want to connect with your followers, not to fool them into buying your fakery. Be authentic. Be truthful. And be respectful of your audience’s intelligence – they are professional social scrollers, can smell the BS a mile away and will drop you instantly.

Thank you – signed your future followers.



This was a wonderful project that I had been working on for ages and was very excited to share the actual printed business cards! 

So, you’ve been a really good friend so far. You have listened, you have shared personal experiences, you have inspired with wise-beyond-your-years advice. Your friends are all ears and ready to hear about what you’ve been up to. So show them something you’re proud of – something you’ve made, something you worked really hard on, or something that you’re really good at. Showcase your work!



You know your friends now. You know what they like and don’t like. You have something that you think they will really appreciate. So go on and tell them. You know you’ve been itching to. You are so excited to share this offer with them that you’ve been dancing in your seat, just waiting for the right moment. Your friends are ready and open to listen to your offer, your services, your promotion. Go for it!


So in conclusion ...

And that’s how to be a good friend on social media and create solid gold content. Listen to your friends, support them, give them something that is valued and you will create a space where they are more than happy to listen and support you, their new friend.



One last thing to think about, your friends are unique so make sure you experiment with content, theme ratios (keep the Offer theme to a minimum), platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc) and posting times. Once you’ve used this planner for a few weeks you will start seeing some really interesting patterns reveal themselves. Social sharing is such a creative way to connect to your audience so make sure you enjoy it and have fun creating thoughtful, honest and creative content.

The author would like to note that she is in no way a professional social media marketer and is simply sharing ideas that have been gained through trial and error along the way – lot’s of trial and lot’s of error … Some things work, some don’t. Just jump in and have fun learning along the way. Peace. x

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