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How to turn your idea into something real

It’s 2016. You have an idea. You are brave. You are bold. You are going to jump. But just as you’re hovering on the ledge of possibility, you pause. 

“Um. How do I get this party started?”

Scratching your head you look around you. Someone has just stepped onto the ledge beside you. It’s me.

“Hello,” you say.
“Hello,” I say.

I look down at what you’re about to jump into, I see the life changing possibility, the energy pulsing idea, the dream.

“What a beautiful idea you have,” I say.

I see the puzzled look on your face. I see you scratching your head.

I take your hand in mine, I smile. You smile back. And we jump together.


I know you have a dream. I know you have an idea. And I know you might be missing some tiny piece of information that will give you the confidence to just start.  

So I have detailed, from start to finish, the process of turning an idea into something real. Have a read and find that tiny, missing piece of the puzzle that will help bring it all together for you. It might be something so small and seemingly insignificant that you didn’t even realise that was the thing holding you back.

So here. Read this. And make no more room for excuses.



Get it down on paper

This first step in the process of turning a dream into a tangible business, activity or life changing moment might seem like a bit of a ‘Duh!’ suggestion, but it is one of the most important things you will do.


Because by writing it down – ‘old skool pen to paper’ style or ‘ultra techo saved in one of the many list making apps now available everywhere’ style – you make the idea real.

It is no longer a dreamy thought that just pops into your head as quickly as it pops out and is gone.

So go ahead. Write it down. I’ll wait (pops headphones on to give you some privacy).


(Toe tapping and singing out of key – listen with me!)



Oh sorry.

(Takes off headphones).

Are you done yet?



Now, with your idea written down it’s real. It’s something you can start doing. You’ve started a now unstoppable series of actions that will all work together to make your idea into something real. Look at you, now you’re making a list. This idea just keeps growing!

And what you may not have realised yet – by writing this down you have made yourself accountable. You have now made yourself responsible for making this idea real. So make sure you keep this momentum building, because you know, you are watching …

So well done. You are brave. You are a doer. You are on your way.


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STEP 2 – Start thinking creatively ... coming soon :)

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